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Anderson Hay & Grain
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Anderson Hay’s strong dedication to teamwork applies just as much to our customer relationships. We do our utmost to make doing business with us a first-rate experience. Our relations with customers worldwide continue to prosper, enhanced by strong ties to key government officials home and abroad.

With strategically-based port facilities in the Western United States, orders of all sizes and destinations can be shipped quickly and efficiently. Anderson Hay’s dedicated staff make sure all steps, from traceability and inventory management to processing and transportation, are done specifically to fill each customers’ needs.

Our commitment to operational expertise also manifests itself in our application of advanced technology and our state-of-the-art facilities and equipment. Anderson Hay has built our business on looking to the future with a clear eye on its changing demands. Anderson Hay is committed to fulfilling our long-established promises to each and every customer. We take to heart the rapid change in a complex, global market, and guarantee that our customers will always receive reliable, friendly service, on-time delivery and consistently superior products, today and into the future.

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Address: Aurora, Oregon
Phone Number: 503-678-2390
Booth Number: 114
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Boyer Seed provides grass seed cleaning equipment, grows grass seed, and offers custom seed cleaning services.

Address: McMinnville, Oregon
Phone Number: 503-472-7435
Booth Number: 212
Supplier of Packaging Products
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We are an independent family owned and operated company located in the Willamette Valley. We want to put our 30 years of experience in the seed industry to work for you.
We are wholesale marketers of grass seed, clovers, and grains in domestic and export markets.
We have 20 years experience in the packaging industry
Our passion is serving customer’s packaging needs. We supply, bulk bags, paper bags, poly woven bags, BOPP bags as well as stretch films, pallets, sewing threads. We also manufacture Bulk bag filling equipment.

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Address: Halsey, Oregon
Phone Number: 541-974-3310
Booth Number: 350
Address: Amity, Oregon
Phone Number: 503-932-9133
Booth Number: 256
Northwest Transplants
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Northwest Transplants is a diversified seedling nursery operation established by Neal and Pamela Lucht in 1989.

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Address: Molalla, Oregon
Phone Number: 503-651-3302
Booth Number: 115
Oregon Grass Seed Bargaining Association
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The Perennial Ryegrass Bargaining Association (PRBA) was organized in August 1994 by a group of ninety (90) growers representing 28,000 acres, 40,000,000 lbs. of turf type perennial ryegrass seed. In 2008 the PRBA expanded to include price negotiations on turf type tall fescue as well. With this expansion the association decided a new name would be appropriate and is now known as the Oregon Grass Seed Bargaining Association (OGSBA).

The purpose of the OGSBA is to negotiate on behalf of its members a reasonable grower price. This price is specific to the production of improved turf type grass seed varieties under seed production contracts with the various Oregon seed dealers.

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Address: Salem, Oregon
Phone Number: 503-551-3208
Booth Number: 215
Universal Seed Company
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At Universal Seed LLC. we take pride in being a knowledgeable and reliable supplier of high quality vegetable seeds, making a difference with innovative seed processing and seed treatment technologies. Achieving the highest possible standard in the quality of seed marks us as a leader in this industry.

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Address: Independence, Oregon
Phone Number: 503-838-4583
Booth Number: 344