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Boshart Trucking, Inc. was created in 1983 by brothers Gene and Stan Boshart (pronounced ‘BOSS-Heart’), and began operations January 1, 1984.  Before they created this company, three Boshart brothers, Gene, Stan, and Richard, all farmed together in 1977 to follow in their father’s footsteps.  The farming operation grew ryegrass, clover, and wheat.  Trucks were added to the farm for the seasonal harvest.  In the fall of 1983, it was decided that Richard would continue with the farm operations and Gene and Stan would focus on the trucking and thus started Boshart Trucking, Inc.
In the beginning of the Willamette Valley straw market, many important principles were missing: quality, container weights, varieties, grades, schedules, and payments.  Customers did not know what straw producers needed and straw producers did not know what Japan and, eventually, Korea needed.  It took a lot of sorting out.  Boshart Trucking was part of the problem and part of the solution.  Farmers, balers, truckers, pressing companies, and customers were in constant turmoil because each thought they were the most important.
Farmers just wanted the straw off the field, balers wanted to get paid, truckers were few, presses and exporters did little to assure farmers, balers, and trucks they would get paid.  Customers did not know how much or what was available.  In spring of 1992, Stan called a meeting with farmers, balers, storage, and a press broker he was in contact with.  Each one could not or would not be responsible for removing straw, paying the baler, truckers, or storage people.  In that meeting, it was decided that Stan would be allowed to do all of it: pay balers, do quality control, remove straw in a timely manner, keep dry, and deliver to the press.  That began a relationship with the farmers and the acres they farmed.

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