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CH2O, Inc. stands on a solid foundation where ingenuity and science are united to yield exclusive innovations. We create a common vision with our clients and become your partner. Our forward-looking team is an instrument for providing customized water treatment solutions to fit your needs. With our extensive laboratory and manufacturing capabilities, there are few limits to what we can do. From the time water enters your facilities until the moment it is returned to the environment, our diverse team will implement award-winning services and extraordinary technologies that serve your business - both economically and environmentally. We believe true innovation is the reflection of our clients' success and must consider all complex issues unique to your business. Your satisfaction, by having water work for you, is our highest aspiration.

CH2O, Inc. was founded by a select group of chemists and engineers in 1977.  The primary interest of this group was to form a specialty water treatment company to better serve public institutions, industries, and agriculture with new technologies.  Their belief that innovation is about creating superior products and technical knowledge is the infrastructure of CH2O, Inc. today.  Reducing customer risks and costs is accomplished through scientific analysis to determine customer needs.

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Crystal Shelton
Tumwater, Washington
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