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Littau Harvester
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Littau Harvester
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Littau Harvester strives to produce and provide “state of the art” harvesting equipment season after season. The grower knows what it takes to pick their crop and deliver it to the market in the best condition possible. It is our job to design, build, and modify our machines and parts to provide solutions to these unique and changing needs. These innovations then become a part of our core offering and we adapt them in each new revision of our industry leading harvesting equipment.

Our machines have been engineered to be durable, dependable, and highly maneuverable in every field while offering variety of picking head options to suit many different crops and environmental conditions. It is our creed and our commitment that we will continue to provide the best harvesting equipment possible to our customers year-after-year as we aim to build the best harvesting solutions we can for the world.

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Loren Johnson
Stayton, Oregon
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Cascade 332