Oregon Grass Seed Bargaining Association
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The Perennial Ryegrass Bargaining Association (PRBA) was organized in August 1994 by a group of ninety (90) growers representing 28,000 acres, 40,000,000 lbs. of turf type perennial ryegrass seed. In 2008 the PRBA expanded to include price negotiations on turf type tall fescue as well. With this expansion the association decided a new name would be appropriate and is now known as the Oregon Grass Seed Bargaining Association (OGSBA).

The purpose of the OGSBA is to negotiate on behalf of its members a reasonable grower price. This price is specific to the production of improved turf type grass seed varieties under seed production contracts with the various Oregon seed dealers.

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Mark Simmons
Salem, Oregon
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Santiam 215