Smucker Mfg.

Smucker Mfg.
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Smucker Mfg.
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Smucker Manufacturing “The name with a reputation for quality” Willamette Valley farm family owned since 1983.

We offer 4 unique product lines: Super Sponge Weed Wipers – Cost Effective Weed Control with no Drift. The original weed wiper was designed by a Willamette Valley farmer, to eliminate taller growing weeds in his fescue and clover fields. Today we offer a wide range of weed wiper models. We even have handheld units for landscapers, row crop farmers and nurseries. Our customers are controlling weeds in a variety of crops all around the globe. Landmark Foam Markers- Prevent Skips & Overlaps while Spraying, Drilling & Fertilizing. Roy-L-Heat Calf Warmers- Save Newborn Calves from Hypothermia & Visionworks Cameras.

Visionworks Cameras-For nearly 15 years, the Visionworks Camera Systems brand has stood for quality, durable and affordable wired and wireless camera/monitor systems. We offer some of the highest quality resolution, most durable weatherproof, shockproof, dustproof cameras and monitors in the agriculture industry all at prices far below our competitors. And a three-year warranty on all our cameras means you don’t have to worry about investing in a Visionworks system. If you’re interested in improving safety, security, and productivity on your farm, then look no further than Visionworks.

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